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MEDIK PROGRAM is a commercial, comprehensive, expedient check-up program completed within the 5-8 hours timeframe. Designed for organizations and individuals pressed for time, this program offers three types of examinations:


The concept of MEDIK PROGRAM is based on renowned Mayo Clinic’s (Rochester, USA) check-up program, established in 1994 as a fast diagnostics program for executives and other busy professionals pressed for time and with disregard for the need to keep their health in check. The multispecialty concept of our health evaluation program is even more advanced than the individual one Medik Programoffered at Mayo Clinic and will cost you 10 times less at the same time.
The purpose of this program is to establish a comprehensive health status overview and identify present and potential health problems that need periodic supervision.
Designed as a broad multispecialty and interdisciplinary examination the
MEDIK PROGRAM’s goal is also to strengthen the public awareness for the need to take care of your own health through periodic check-ups which is the best way to prevent diseases or to keep them under control. Conceptually, this program represents the combination of many screening tests and routine diagnostic methods, involving several specialists with all their findings done within the 5 – 8 hours timeframe for the most elaborate check-up we offer. Catering for various needs and demands of our patients, MEDIK PROGRAM presents three different types of examination: BASIC MEDIK PROGRAM, COMPLETE MEDIK PROGRAM AND SELECTIVE MEDIK PROGRAM.

Medical Center “Bezanijska Kosa” recommends the COMPLETE MEDIK PROGRAM as an initial examination for the persons newly introduced to the MEDIK PROGRAM. After this initial examination we suggest that each patient at least once or twice a year carry out BASIC MEDIK PROGRAM or SELECTIVE MEDIK PROGRAM i.e. specific examinations previously proposed by the specialists. Every individual determined to take good care of his/her own health should therefore allocate time for two visits a year to our MEDIK Center, with the overall duration of stay not exceeding 8 hours.

Such efficiency is due to excellent organization within the MEDIK Center where the staff is obliged to provide the patient with passage from one scheduled examination to the next without any delay, and to swiftly gather all the reports and test results in order to form final conclusions. In the end, patient receives written guidelines for preservation of his/her health and recommendations addressing any health problems. During this process more than 200 specialists (including university professors) in 50 specialty and subspecialty fields are at the disposal to our patients.

MEDIK PROGRAM is in many aspects unique in Serbia:

·         excellent organization

·         exclusively allocated premises

·         numerous specialists and subspecialists at the disposal to patients

·         technological capabilities at their disposal

·         computer support provided by the Medical Center

·         priority status awarded to the patients

 Enormous experience gathered through examinations of more than 100.000 patients presents the MEDIK PROGRAM as the finest multiphase, multispecialty diagnostic program in the region. Highly reliable and precise examinations led to discovery of tens of thousands diseases and conditions in their early stages and previously not diagnosed. With a comprehensive insight and unique diagnostic precision this program is unsurpassed among both state and private health institutions in Serbia.

2. BASIC MEDIK PROGRAM includes routine diagnostic health check-up defined as essential tests that each person should carry out at least once a year.


a)       Examination by an internal medicine specialist

b)       EKG

c)       Laboratory diagnostics

d)       Heart and lungs X-ray examination

e)       Ultrasound examination of internal organs

f)         Final examination and conclusions

 3. COMPLETE MEDIK PROGRAM is a comprehensive diagnostic and screening program with the objective to generate an extensive health status overview of the individual. This is recommended as an initial examination for the persons newly introduced to the MEDIK PROGRAM.


a)       Examination by an internal medicine specialist

b)       EKG with computer analyses of the signal

c)       Heart and lungs X-ray examination

d)       Complete laboratory diagnostics

e)       Ultrasound examination of internal organs

f)         Ultrasound examination of the heart

g)       Heart and lungs functional tests: spirometry and ergo test

h)       Ophthalmological examination

i)         Otorhinolaryngological examination

j)         Neurological examination

k)       Examination by a physiotherapist

l)         Oncological examination – for groups

m)     Gynecological examination – for groups

n)       Gynecological ultrasound examination

o)       Final examination and conclusions

4. SELECTIVE MEDIK PROGRAM concentrates on consultations and analyses by specialists for a particular area of expertise where the problems have been identified in previous examinations. If, for example, patient suffers from indigestion or has gastric pains as the dominant health problem, check-ups and treatment evaluation will be focused primarily on gastroenterological diagnostics and treatment.

MEDIK PROGRAM Call Center (7,30 AM - 7,30 PM):

Phone:  011 3010 771

             011 3010 777

             011 2697 038

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Address: Medical Center “Bezanijska Kosa”

                  Bezanijska Kosa bb.

                  11080 Beograd

                  (For Medik Center)

To discuss your health problem or to schedule an appointment contact us by phone, send us a letter, SMS or an e-mail. All communication is possible in English and several other languages.


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